What has been going on?!

I can not believe it has been about 2 years since I last wrote a blog. So what has been going on?

In2Deep has been steadily working away creating album #2 - I'm not sure what we're calling it yet, it has so many great song titles.. maybe you can help us? Check out the names we have so far and shoot us an email with your ideas.. I'll set up a draw and whoever wins (with correct title of course), will receive a free copy of the new album.

Song Titles:

Strawberry Jam


A Good Man Is Hard To Find


The Things That Money Can't Buy

Dance Your Cares Away

Sister Jazz & Sister Blues

Hard Act To Follow


When You Grow Up

My Baby  Likes to Boogie


So.. What else has been going on? We've had quite a few little gigs at the Dickson Tradies over the last year or so and hope to be back there again in the coming months. We just did our 4th (I know right!) stint at Merimbula and performed to overflowing venues both times - which is particularly hearwarming for us. We love getting out to play for you all.

If you would like to hear more of our playing, check out our youtube channel - I'll be adding some of the wonderful footage from this years Merimbula Jazz Festival - some taken by Mary Ormsby.

I'm also going to set up a mailing list for you all - you can opt in/out if you wish - again, just let me know of course :)

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